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Trailer: Re-Cut

Couch Potato Club:
When two New York Film students travel to rural Wisconsin to shoot a documentary about an ex-reality t.v. star, they become the de facto camera crew for an aspiring investigative journalist, given her first big break.

Told from the point of view of multiple cameras operated by the students, the film documents the investigation into the hanging of two twin girls found in their family’s barn and the student’s attempt to survive the most gruesome, torturous and horrifying night of their lives.

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darklordzor4257d ago

Pass...I just don't like these kinds of movies. That and I'm just not feeling it from this trailer.

Sunny_D4256d ago

The quality is like a cheap porno movie. Don't ask how I got that from this trailer.

-Mezzo-4256d ago

LOL, i guess we can all get the idea, there are already so many movie that i still haven't watched, i guess that i'll have to pass on this one, just like you guys.

blur994254d ago

This kinda reminds of the "Blair Witch Project."
Basically an attempt to film something goes horribly wrong.