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New Image for The Smurfs Movie Featuring Smurfette and Papa Smurf

Couch Potato Club:
FAO Schwarz has started an online auction for charity where the winner can win a package to the World Premiere of The Smurfs movie.

Along with this auction, they have revealed a promotional image for the upcoming movie, which gives the first look at Smurfette.

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darklordzor4340d ago

I wish they weren't going with this 'their world into ours' story. It's so damn cliche for these adaptations. Why not just create a movie that's actually based off of the show. Keep it in their world and fantastical...why change what made it worth watching in the first place?

blur994340d ago

They should have stuck with a cartoon not a live action film.
The Smurfs are great that way. I think they are spoiling it.

Sunny_D4340d ago

I agree. This just reminds me of Alvin and the Chimpmunks. And why does every movie have to have a scene in Times Square? It's really getting drawn out.

JL4340d ago

I agree with both of you, a full-out animated movie would've been best. Could've been awesome even. This hybrid style just makes it seem like a gimmick.

blur994339d ago

Cartoon and live action seems like the way they are doing it now. A shame too.

-Mezzo-4340d ago

I agree with 'Blur" as well, a fully animated version would have been 10 times better than this, i really don't like these types of movies, Not only should this movie go fully animated, the upcoming perverted version of 'Yogi Bear' should also.

blur994339d ago

Sure hope there are other girls other than Smurfette.
It'd be a shame if it was only her.

GodsHand4339d ago

She was made by Gargamel to in infiltrate the Smurf Village, but failed. But it does make you think where did all the smurfs come from.

JL4339d ago

Good luck finding that answer. There are so many theories on that it's ridiculous. Ranging from asexual to aliens to wizards to the gremlin theory and even talks that there's actually a female village somewhere but they just stay apart because female and male smurfs can't get along.

Though I will say this: There was a baby introduced in the cartoon at one point and the stork brought it. So...take that as you will.

Also....there were 3 female smurfs. Smurfette wasn't the only one.

GodsHand4337d ago

I belive there were more then just three female smurfs, but Smurfette was the first but had black hair before Papa Smurf did some magic stuff in his basement, and she became a blonde.

I remember from the cartoon there was like three, but like I said there was one or two more.