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The new road trip comedy, “Due Date”, from director Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School, School For Scoundrels,) tells the story of Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.,) an executive-type architect with a temper issue that is just trying to get home to L.A. in time for the birth of his first child.

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darklordzor4218d ago

Glad to see more positive reviews for this film. I know a lot of my friends have seen and and say a lot of critics have been giving it a bad review for unseen reasons. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

JL4218d ago

I haven't really seen any bad reviews per se. Rather I've seen a bunch of mediocre reviews (even I gave it a mediocre score in my review--5/10 for me is dead-center mediocre), but that's exactly what I felt the movie was...just a mediocre comedy. Truly the best parts I remember are what you've already seen in the trailers. I mean it's not bad/horrible, but it's not a great comedy either. Didn't live up to what I was expecting. Just a mediocre movie that is probably worth a rental, but in the end it will be forgotten in the pools of mediocracy.

blur994217d ago

So its just a stock comedy film with not even unique and lasting traits to make it stand out.

Soldierone4217d ago

Its an attempt at a Hangover like experience. There are some things that ruined the flow or were stupid, other things that were too forced, but the funny bits really worked out well.

It was a good comedy, but its been done before thats the only reason I didnt really like it. Downey Jr is really good at playing an A hole.

Deadyeti4218d ago

I thought it was hilarious, just a little confusing at times. But I think I speak some truth out of this when I say Hollywood has pretty much lost it's originality. It wasn't what I expected actually, it was better. Of course, this is just my opinion.

-Mezzo-4218d ago

I have always enjoyed "Todd Philips" movies, which is why i am eagerly awaiting to go see it. The reviews never bothered me, this movie got well received than Jack Black & Micheal Cera's "Year One" and i even enjoyed that, so you can get the idea i would enjoy this as well.

Deadyeti4217d ago

I agree with you. I don't pay attention to most reviews or critics before I see a movie. They could have missed a part of a movie that I could've felt was necessary to the story, and the fact that reviews and critiques are way too opinionated. Our local newspaper critiques movies once a week, and 9 times out of 10, the movies made in the US get bad reviews, and only foreign movies get the really awesome reviews.