The Teaser Trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2

The teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel, Kung Fu Panda The Kaboom of Doom, has just been released and challenges you to an epic staring contest.

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darklordzor3152d ago

I'm there! I really liked the first film, and am interested to see if this one can pull it off again. The trailer seems kind of goofy, but for some reason the staring contest had me cracking up. Either way, it's still a lot more than that Cars 2 teaser gave us.

Soldierone3152d ago

Thats probably because Pixar has nothing to show yet haha. They have to be rendering the actual movies right up until release, maybe give it a month or so. That and the "Cars Toons" crew probably made that teaser.

darklordzor3152d ago

I think Pixar has something to show (they don't render the movie as a whole, they do it in parts) but they don't want to right now. At that point I would have rather not even had a Teaser. I understand why they put it out there, but didn't care for it.

Soldierone3152d ago

I hope this is as good as the first one. Dreamworks made a masterpeice with the first one, lets not ruin it so soon.

darklordzor3152d ago

I think it was really just a fun film, and a big turn around for them. I'm just worried a sequel might undo them. They need to keep focusing on the characters and story like they did with the first one.

Sunny_D3148d ago

I really like the 1st one too. I think if we are to get a sequel, they better make it really awesome. Dreamworks did have 1 franchise that was awesome until they milked it and now it sucks. The franchise I'm talking about is Shrek.

blur993152d ago

Can't wait for the Kaboom of Doom.

darklordzor3152d ago

For some reason, I really love that title. I know it's kind of kiddish and goofy, but it's also really fun.

blur993151d ago

A fun title for a fun film hopefully.

-Mezzo-3151d ago

Fun is always "kiddish and goofy" even when your watching an Animated movie or an Adult comedy movie.

My favorite genre of movies is Comedy, & i enjoy the stupidest of the Comedy movies, even ones that are hated by the Critics.

-Mezzo-3152d ago

I loved the first one as well & i am pretty sure that this one won't disappoint as well.

Sunny_D3148d ago

Me too. Jack Black's voice always can make a comedy animated movie no matter how bad the plot is, watchable.

GodsHand3151d ago

They better not mess this up or they will get the wushi finger hold.

darklordzor3151d ago

Ha! That's one of my favorite parts and probably the one I quote most around buddies.

-Mezzo-3151d ago

lol, the Wushi finger holds effect were a surprise to be honest. =]

Sunny_D3148d ago

For some reason that name always makes me think of something else. 0_o