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Hollywood Reporter: Unstoppable Review

HollywoodReporter:" Director Tony Scott may have missed his mark by a bit on his last cinematic train ride with "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three," but he hits his target dead-on in "Unstoppable." The best blue collar action movie in who knows how long, this tense, narrowly focused thriller about a runaway freight train has a lean and pure simplicity to it that is satisfying in and of itself.

But in its incidental portrait of discontented and discounted working stiffs who live marginal lives on society's sidings and are angry to varying degrees, the film carries an unexpected weight and could connect with Middle American audiences in a big way."

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-Mezzo-3974d ago

I wasn't planning on watching this, but i guess i will. It's been a while since i last saw a Denzel movie, apart from 'Book Of Eli' which really did not enjoyed.

blur993974d ago

This film seems like a winner from start to finish.

-Mezzo-3973d ago

Agreed, now i only hope it really is a winner. because trailers have betrayed me so many times that i don't trust them anymore.