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John Landis has done some extraordinary things in the past that have made their mark on cinematic culture: An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places, The Blues Brothers, Animal House and not to mention the ‘greatest music video of all time’. Now he returns with Burke and Hare and We Got This Covered is here to tell you how it turned out.

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-Mezzo-3974d ago

WOW, 4/10 is not a good score, i had never heard of the Movie until recently when i saw a Trailer on Yahoo, The trailers look good, but i never expected that it would get 4/10.

blur993974d ago

I loved Animal House. That is a John Landis classic.
However this movie looks like it isn't that good.

darklordzor3972d ago

Gosh I had a lot more hope for this film than that. Considering the two actors, I was really looking forward to this film...Guess this might just have to be a rental...