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Due Date Review - WGTC

We Got This Covered takes a look at the latest film from Todd Phillips, Due Date. As a follow up to the wildly successful film The Hangover, fans are left wondering if Phillips can do it again with Due Date. How does Due Date stack up against The Hangover? Find out here

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-Mezzo-4220d ago

I really thought it would be very well received by Critics just like 'Hangover'. but according to them its a pretty Average movie, It also got beaten by 'Megamind' on the Box Office.

Soldierone4219d ago

That can all be blamed on the fact that its rated R, so teens cant see it without sneaking in and they threw out a ton of money by doing that. Its kinda sad that the "f" word can warrent an R rating these days....

Soldierone4219d ago

Completely disaagree with this review. Was it mind blowingly funny? no, but it was a good film and kept me entertained. It by no means deserves this low of a score.

JL4219d ago

I disagree as well. Just watched this last night. While I wouldn't necessarily call it a "good film" it was entertaining in parts and was a decent/mediocre/average movie. When it clicked, it clicked and was funny. The rest of the time it didn't click and was just lackluster. I had more hopes for it, but it was NOT a 2.5/10 disappointment. Just average really. Maybe if you were going on a "out of 5" scale I could agree with 2.5, but out of 10? Nah. Should be more like 6 or 6.5

Soldierone4219d ago

I think since it was Rated R they should of went even further out there than they did. It was like they were restricting themselves to try and tone it down to possibly be PG 13, but Downey Jr said the F word almost everytime he opened his mouth.

The whole Two and Half Men ending killed it for me. Like you said a 6 or 7 is reasonable, its watchable and enjoyable, its not horrible.