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5.0 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Blu-ray Review

From Even if you are smack in the middle of the movie's target audience there's no guarantee that you'll like it. By all accounts this should be a film made for me, but although I found the film interesting from a visual perspective I can't honestly say that I actually enjoyed it enough to watch it more than once. I'm a gamer and I've read the Scott Pilgrim books, this movie should have made it easy for me to love it...

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-Mezzo-4260d ago

I just recently watched it, and it was a great Movie, i really didn't expected to like it that much.

Sunny_D4253d ago

Meh, I'm getting tired of the actor keep coming up in all the comedy movies nowadays. I want someone new.

Monkeyboy4259d ago

I felt that I should have liked it more than I did, based on the source material. Maybe it was over-hyped, maybe it's just not that good, time will tell...

-Mezzo-4259d ago

It was certainly Over-Hyped, but it was a good movie.

Sunny_D4253d ago

The game is awesome, but the movie probably likely sucks. Most videogame to movie adaptations suck.

blur994259d ago

2 and a half stars kinda makes me not wanna watch this.

-Mezzo-4258d ago

I would suggest you watch it, but go in with low expectations you will really enjoy it.

Soldierone4258d ago

I hate doing that lol...dont think ill be watching it till it hits netflix.

Soldierone4258d ago

I expected more reviews like this to be honest. I think Kick Ass is the better film here...

blur994258d ago

Yes. Cinemblend's review is the exact thing. It got 2.5 stars there as well.

-Mezzo-4256d ago

is certainly a better film than this but, ignoring this will not be a good thing, try it once it hits NetFlix just like you said.