Skewed and Reviewed Gives Details on the Third X-Files Movie

With David Duchovny confirming that a third X-Files film is being written, Skewed and Reviewed share details on what the third film will contain. The news contains information they disclosed at several conventions last year during their movie preview panel as well as some updated information.

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blur993975d ago

I didn't watch the tv show much but the first film was awesome.
I might check out the second prior to the debut of this one.

Garethvk3974d ago

You should watch the series as it was amazing. The second film is a stand alone story that does not address any of the mythology of the series and is a basic killer on the loose story. You will need to know all of the mythos of the series for the next film to truly get it. I do think it will be a great setup. Mulder learned when the Alien colonization fleet was arriving, and as such, when the world will end in 2012. It was somewhat bittersweet as they became fugitives and realized that all the sacrifices and efforts they made had been for nothing as things are going ahead as planned. They do have a chance to save us all though.

blur993974d ago

I watched a few of the shows. One thing I can say is that it had great writing. David Duchovny is a good actor too.

-Mezzo-3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Just like you, i never watched the Show, but the First Movie was very interesting, a little boring at times but overall a great Movie.

blur993974d ago

I did watch a few episodes.