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War Machine Rumored For An Iron Man Spin-Off

CB- Here’s a rumor which we’ve heard before, but might actually be true this time. War Machine may get a solo movie. You know War Machine. War Machine is what Tony Stark’s buddy James “Rhodey” Rhodes calls himself whenever he puts on one of Tony’s Iron Man suits, weaponizes it, and paints it black.

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-Mezzo-4221d ago

This, i would like to see. I'mm pretty sure sooner or later official announcement will come.

darklordzor4221d ago

Please no....I loved War Machine and I love my comic book movies, but this is getting too much. Let's keep it all together.

LordMarius4221d ago

Is this like the third spin-off that has been rumored coming from Iron Man? War Machine wasnt even that likable or bankable

RockmanII74220d ago

Don't see the problem, maybe make the Iron Man movies about story and WM movies about action.

Soldierone4220d ago

Iron man is about story? lol....

blur994220d ago

Iron Man films are about fast paced action and firepower.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Which is the reason i am slowly getting bored of it, they should add a Plot to it.

Sunny_D4215d ago

Comic book movies are never about the story except for the new Batman. They are however about the explosions, CGI, and effects.

Soldierone4220d ago

Was only a matter of time before this rumor started. Hell I wont be suprised when it does happen....

Sunny_D4215d ago

I think it's a waste. Ironman is much more popular. No one really wants to see a clone of him. Kind of like no one wants to see a Grey Hulk.

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