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Despicable Me Surpasses $500 Million at Box Office

Couch Potato Club:
On Saturday, November 6, Despicable Me will cross $500 million at the worldwide box office, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment announced today.

With a current domestic gross of more than $248 million, the inaugural 3D CGI feature from Universal and Illumination is second only to Toy Story 3 in domestic gross among animated films this year. Despicable Me is the sixth biggest domestic release of 2010 and the 10th most successful animated film of all time in domestic gross. In addition, it has become the sixth most successful film that Universal Pictures has ever distributed domestically.

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-Mezzo-4216d ago

This is surprising, I really enjoyed the Movie, but i never thought that it would reach those Figures.

Sunny_D4209d ago

Yeah, kids are really impressionable so I guess they yell at their parents to take them to watch the movie. Parent shave no choice, but to take them and thus a lot of sales.

blur994215d ago

Wow. The 10th highest earning animated film of all time here.
That is some good set of films it has joined.

-Mezzo-4215d ago

I din't knew that, can you post a link to the Top 10, meanwhile i'll try Google.

blur994215d ago

Its right in the article.

-Mezzo-4215d ago

HAHA, i never read the Article. lol

blur994214d ago

It helps to read the articles.

-Mezzo-4213d ago

I sure does, but i thought the heading was all i needed to read.