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Sir Ian McKellen Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Couch Potato Club:
The 13th annual Savannah Film Festival, hosted by SCAD, presented Sir Ian McKellen with a Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday, November 4.

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blur993641d ago

He played a great Gandalf in the LOTR films.

gaden_malak3640d ago

He's just an all round great actor.

blur993640d ago

Looks like it with all the accolades he has gotten.

JL3640d ago

Yea he gets serious geek cred for Gandalf AND for Magneto.

Going beyond that though Gods and Monsters was great as well.

I agree with gaden though. He's an all-round great actor. He's no Ben Kingsley, but he's definitely good.

-Mezzo-3640d ago

I haven't seen much of his work, but i would agree with 'Blur99' that he did a great job in LOTR trilogy.