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3D Rapidly Moving Into Cultural Mainstream

Couch Potato Club:
3D, once seen as an interesting novelty, is quickly becoming an important part of our lives, both as a new form of entertainment and an important adjunct to many industries, according to top executives speaking at last week’s conference, Paul Kagan’s 3D Media Markets, Presented by Panasonic.

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blur994220d ago

3D has been done before. I hope they get it right this time before everyone buys a 3D tv and glasses.

Soldierone4220d ago

I wonder what the industry will turn to now when they need that sales surge. Before they could randomly do 3D whenever and make a few extra millions, but now what will they offer when its standard in all forms.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

The amount of money that they're making from 3D, i don't think they try & move onto next big thing so soon, 3D will be Mainstream for quite some time.

blur994219d ago

Virtually reality is the next step.
Why watch a film when you can be in the film.

JL4219d ago

That was my thoughts too. I don't think we'll see anymore huge jumps in cinema technology for a little while. Rather they'll continue crafting and polishing 3D. Making it more immersive and such Which will eventually lead to a virtual reality type situation. Or at the very least a more encompassing 3D (surround vision? to go with surround sound)

blur994218d ago

Or maybe UltraHD. 10000p resolution.
Now consumers get to spend 10 grand on new tv's.

Sunny_D4214d ago

With Sony pushing 3DTV, the push is going to go even further. Soo, 3dtv will hit its stride and everyone will want to watch 3d movies in Hi def.