MGM Aims to Release New James Bond Movie in 2012

HollywoodReporter: "Bankruptcy filings reveal that MGM hopes to release its next James Bond movie in 2012. The studio, which named Spyglass Entertainment co-toppers Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum as co-CEOs, plans to own 50 percent of Bond 23, out that fall, with a partner paying all of the production costs, according to Bloomberg News. It then plans to release a new Bond movie every second year thereafter. MGM plans to wholly own and fund those."

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-Mezzo-4587d ago

And that is exactly when i AIM to see it. Can't wait for the first details.

blur994587d ago

This Bond movie and especially the Hobbit film should help turn this around for MGM.

-Mezzo-4586d ago

It certainly will, If both movie are worth watching they could rack in +300Million each.

Soldierone4586d ago

Even if they are not watchable they get at least two shots of pure profit for both franchises. It has namebrand, they could completely suck and still rack in millions.

gaden_malak4585d ago

The Hobbit will make money. No doubt about it. It should be as good, if not better than LOTR, which are great.

-Mezzo-4583d ago

The Hobbit, has to be good, I've been waiting on the movie for so long, that i might go crazy if it turn out to be an Average movie.

blur994583d ago

I don't think it can match the LOTR movies.
The story is a doesn't seem a compelling as any of the 3 movies. More hobbits than humans and dwarves.

Soldierone4586d ago

Some reason I always thought Bond was WB. Either way I could never get into them. Dont know why.

-Mezzo-4586d ago

I don't understand what you mean by WB.

blur994586d ago

Warner Bros.
And you don't have to thank me.

-Mezzo-4585d ago

Damn, i din't get that simplest thing.