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Get a PS3 Free With This Holiday Sony Bravia 3DTV Deal

A 3D TV may not be on everyone’s Christmas list. Not because they don’t want one, but because they can’t afford one. It’s just too expensive. Thanks to a special pre-holiday sale, it doesn’t have to be. A free PS3 added to the mix sure doesn’t hurt it any either.

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doctorstrange4222d ago

I want a 3D TV, and even though I already have a PS3, I'm not exactly gonna turn down a free one

Sunny_D4215d ago

I would rather have free Bravia 3DTV with the purchase of a PS3. :P

Sev4222d ago

That Alice in Wonderland 3D Bluray sells for like $200 on Ebay. You can only get it in that started kit.

doctorstrange4222d ago

$200! That's crazy. I'm not for the whole starter exclusive 3D Blurays, because they'll make people think that there is hardly any 3D content for them to watch.

-Mezzo-4222d ago

This is a sweet deal, Everyone should try to take advantage of this, while i can't :(

blur994220d ago

Sony makes great tv sets. A good deal I think.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Sony, TV's are one of the best, followed by Samsung, i just recently got a 32" Bravia for my Gaming and it's Amazing.

A free 3DTV is the only way that a 3DTV would come into my home as there is no way that i am Spending that much money.

blur994220d ago

Samsung is better than Sony.
Samsung is probably the best. Panasonic is also as good as Samsung.

Soldierone4220d ago

Im a big Sony fan, but Samsung is leading the TV industry they are the absolute best. Especially their LED line. I think Sony was leading back when Plasma was hands down the best, but have slipped to Samsung lately.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

I have a 52' Samsung in my Living Room & a Sony 32' In my Own Room & i will say that Sony Television deliver the best results of them all.

My Samsung Model is from 2008 & my Bravia model is from 2010, excuse me if the latest Samsung models exceeds Sony Bravia in the over ll Quality.

Soldierone4220d ago

I think the year and model, plus the bigger size would play a role here. Of course a TV thats 3 years old will not look as good as a brand new model.

However I have both as well, and Samsung is way better especially if all the settings are adjusted correctly. I love Sony but I give credit wherei ts due.

GodsHand4218d ago

52' TV, and a 32' TV, you must have some huge rooms.

But I am sure you mean 52", and 32". But could you imagine a tv that said 624".

blur994220d ago

According to many reviews I've seen Samsung is always near the top in tv sets.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

I have personal friends, who are absolutely in love with Samsung TV sets.

Just like i said before my Judgement is based upon a 3 years OLD model, which could be completely wrong.

Sunny_D4215d ago

All I know is that you can rely on any electronics company that start with the letter S.