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Hereafter proved to be nothing more than an ordinary film that was mediocre at best. The story of “Hereafter” was of three individuals all having a profound experience with the dealings of death in search of an existence of an afterlife. The acting in this film lacks giving the emotional belief of their characters. Almost as if, their characters are like a programmed robot in search of something. At times, you see real true humanity in their emotions that bring the viewer closer into their story, but for the majority of the film they just seem to move along with bad acting. The jumping around from one character to the next of the film also made it hard to get deeper into the characters mindset, and never letting us have an emotional attachment to them.

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-Mezzo-4214d ago

This movie was unbelievably boring. We actually thought of leaving the Theater.

blur994214d ago

Wow. Eastwood as the director. Damon's in this too and the film doesn't seem that good in this review. I'm surprised

-Mezzo-4210d ago

It isn't good at all, i'm surprised as well.