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'Megamind' Proves That 'How To Train Your Dragon' Was a Fluke | High-Def Digest Review

Drew Taylor writes: "Is ‘Megamind’ diverting enough for 95 minutes? I suppose so. But it lacks anything truly unique or special – all that great stuff that put ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ among the very best animation has to offer."

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-Mezzo-4347d ago

Whoa, the really didn't liked it.

Soldierone4347d ago

I can see where they are coming from. I liked the short trailers and saw the potential, was about ready to go see it, then I find a long extended trailer and lost all interest. Didn't seem like it could hold its own anymore.

blur994347d ago

The reviewer says talking about the film makes him sleepy.
Not really a movie that I'd wanna see then.

-Mezzo-4347d ago

YUP, but i guess i'll give it a go once the Blu-Ray hits the stores.

Soldierone4347d ago

Which sucks, it had so much potential and Dreamworks was on a role. Back to Pixar diminance now.

blur994345d ago

Pixar almost always does a great job with its movies.