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John Carpenter Producing Horror Film The Hell Within

Couch Potato Club:
Horror master, John Carpenter, recently returned to the director’s chair to helm a couple of projects (The Ward, Darkchylde). Now, it looks like Carpenter is returning to role of producer. Variety reports that he has signed on to executive produce horror film The Hell Within.

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OnScreen4348d ago

Love it when he directs horror films. Looking forward to this one!

-Mezzo-4347d ago

Agreed, Looking forward to it myself, and i don't know if this is an error or something but His profile on IMDB lists *Halloween 3* for 2011.

JL4347d ago

That's the remake franchise that Rob Zombie started (but he's not coming back for part 3). I don't know about Carpenter being involved in it necessarily. IMDB lists him for the movie under the writer tab, but only lists him as "characters", rather than "writer/screenplay" or anything like that. My guess: he's just listed cause he's the one that created the characters and it's his idea, so they're crediting him? Not entirely sure. I doubt he'll be much involved though, much like he wasn't much involved with Zombie's Halloweens. Though him and Rob did talk and Carpenter gave Zombie pointers and such.

blur994348d ago

His Halloween was my favorite film by him.
Haven't seen some his recent films though.
Darkchylde is based a comic.

Sunny_D4339d ago

Halloween will probably be his most memorable one to date. I loved the original compared to the reboot.