Sally Field in Talks for Spider-Man Film

Heat Vision:
Sally Field as Aunt May?

The actress is in early talks to play Peter Parker’s beloved aunt in the new Spider-Man movie, which Marc Webb is directing for Columbia.

The news comes on the heels of Martin Sheen in final negotiations to play Uncle Ben in the relaunch of the movie franchise.

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-Mezzo-3643d ago

She a nice actress it'll be nice to heave her on board.

LordMarius3643d ago

Ah why couldnt they keep the other old lady from the first trilogy, she was perfect as Aunt May, imo

JL3643d ago

Agreed that she was perfect in the role. However, they're rebooting the series. When rebooting I really don't think you want to have actors/actresses reprising roles. Gotta go completely anew to set yourself apart from the other.

blur993643d ago

That is right. There are shuffling everything. I hope they maintain the same feel as the last 3 films. They captured Spiderman so well.
Peter Parker a average person dealing with life.

Sunny_D3635d ago

I hope they have more action scenes in the reboot compared to the last Spiderman movie. It seems as we went from 1 to 2 to 3, there was less action scenes. 3 was a disappointment and a terrible way to end a franchise. Seriously, no more sissy, emo crying SPIDERMAN!