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CB - Megamind Review

CB - There seems to be an expectation that in order for Megamind to be good, it must also be funny. Maybe it’s the presence of Will Ferrell as the voice of the movie’s title character, maybe it’s the still lingering feeling that no matter how far animated movies have come, they’re still just fancy Looney Tunes. Whatever the reason, whenever Megamind comes up, the only question anyone ever seems to have for me is whether or not it’s funny. Well here’s the answer: Not really. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

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-Mezzo-4214d ago

Awesome, they loved it, cannot wait to see it. It sucks that movies alwasy come late to Cinemas near me, Today was the first Showing of Paranormal Activity 2.

blur994214d ago

Probably a good movie to watch.
Though I prefer my animated films to be more action packed.

-Mezzo-4213d ago

I don't mind if they're not heavy on Action, but Comedy is the main thing for me.