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Shakefire: Megamind Review

Ever since he was an infant, Megamind (Will Ferrell) has always been considered an outcast. It might have been because he was a big-headed blue alien, or maybe it was because he was always being outdone by his rival, Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Regardless the reason, he decided that he was going to stick to what he knew best; being bad.

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Soldierone3977d ago

Looks like Ill offically be seeing this one then haha! It was a good review, I kinda expect this though.

-Mezzo-3977d ago

So far the trailer have been amazing, I'll definitely go see it as i have no other choice, just recently at a Birthday party my Nieces/Nephews & my Small Sisters saw the trailer on TV and made me promise to go see it with them.

It's going to be mess, Me my Girlfriend and more than 10 Kids.

-Mezzo-3977d ago

LOL, that sounds like a Movie plot itself.

blur993977d ago

Megemind reminds of the Marvel supervillain the Leader.
Except he is blue not green.