Drunk on Judgement - Saw 3D Review

It’s crazy to see how far this over the top series of snuff films from Twisted Pictures has come. Kevin Greutert has done a pretty good job over the years keeping audiences confused regarding the series’ story/plot line. Honestly though, who cares.

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-Mezzo-4220d ago

These movies are disgusting, I saw the first 'SAW' and decided to never watch this type of movie again & since i have not watched a Single SAW movie.

blur994219d ago

"Saw 3D could have been so much more, but alas, they have failed as far as I’m concerned", the reviewer said. That is not really encouraging.
May if the makers spent more time on the Saw movies they would be more interesting and original.

-Mezzo-4219d ago

They would never spent more time on a Project when every Movie opens up at the #1 spot.