Shakefire: Due Date Review

It's been a while since we've seen Zach Galifianakis in a laugh out loud role such as The Hangover. He's had some strong films including Dinner for Schmucks and It's Kind of a Funny Story but nothing close to the Las Vegas comedy. Can director Todd Phillips returns Galifianakis to his glory days with Due Date?

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darklordzor4214d ago

That's a very good score. Honestly I was worried about this one. I haven't been wowed by anything in the previews, but it still looked interesting. Glad to hear it's worth it.

-Mezzo-4214d ago

I was worried about it too, but according to the critics it's worth watching, i might not go to the Cinema for it, but will definitely buy/rent it on DVD/Blu_Ray.

-Mezzo-4210d ago

It got some awful reviews by some Critics, which is alarming for me as i was gonna go see it this Weekend.

blur994213d ago

I just looked at the trailer. It looks like a crazy movie.
And Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor. I'll eventually catch this film.

-Mezzo-4213d ago

YUp, i suggest you watch it, It sure looks fun, i'll just watch it for Zack & Robert. Great Actors.