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Spike TV Seeking Out the Biggest Bad Ass

Couch Potato Club:
Spike TV delves into the secretive community of special ops in “Most Lethal,” a new one-hour non-scripted series in which real-life warriors from the top tiers of special operation forces faceoff in a grueling competition to determine who is the fiercest. The series will examine the shrouded world of these military mercenaries by challenging 12 of the most dangerous in the world to compete for the title of “Most Lethal.”

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darklordzor4349d ago

That is awesome! That would be pretty damn fun to watch, but let's face it, Chuck Norris isn't involved so it can't be accurate :)

-Mezzo-4349d ago

I agree with you on that Chuck Norris thing. Any it'll be Fun to watch.

blur994348d ago

Chuck was in Delta Force the film.
Maybe a member of the real Delta Force can do him proud.

-Mezzo-4347d ago

LOL, i highly doubt, it's Chuck Norris we're talking about.

blur994349d ago

It will cool to see various branches of the military compete.
I think Navy SEALS are probably the most skilled.
Or maybe Delta Force. Haven't heard much about them though.

-Mezzo-4349d ago

I put my Money on Navy Seals.