Short Film Competition Urges All Filmmakers to Pick Up Their Cameras

Couch Potato Club:
rofessionals and amateurs alike are today being urged to get their cameras ready as leading UK job board,, launches its second annual short film competition.

The online competition, which is open to everyone regardless of their film making credentials, will challenge film makers to create a short film, centred on the theme, ‘Mondays’.

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Soldierone4221d ago

I may have to check this out if its open to international film makers. However Im currently entered in two competitions going on locally already, along with making a film on my own and trying to get into another film festival. So im somewat busy, but always interested in getting more!

darklordzor4220d ago

Yeah, a lot of competitions and festivals hit around the same time so it gets very busy. that's why I like the 24hr or 48hr video races. They're a lot of work and ridiculously stressful at the time, but then it's over quick, and you can move on to the next one.

Soldierone4220d ago

Do you know where I can find these? Im just entering ones my college is hosting or associated with. I found the international one, but 300 dollars to enter...

darklordzor4219d ago

Yeah, when you step out of the school ones the damn things get steep in price to enter, but really sticking with the school ones aren't bad either.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Well, i would have certainly checked it out, if i could, i'm like a Billion miles away. Sucks.

JL4220d ago

For everybody's clarification, I'm fairly sure this is open to all. It's an online competition. Even on the entry form on the competition's site it asks what country you live in and lists a ton of different ones. So I'd assume residents in all those countries would be eligible otherwise they wouldn't list them (and it is an online competition which further implies that).

blur994220d ago

According to the rules no.21
"This competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom."

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Where did you read that, i read the whole article again but couldn't find it.

JL4220d ago

Hmm guess you're right. Somehow I completely skipped over that part.

That makes it absolutely ridiculous then that they have different countries listed on the entry form when asking for your place of residence.

Rule No. 21 like he said.

-Mezzo-4219d ago

Thanks, Reading it now.

blur994219d ago

I hope all contestants read the rules carefully.
It would awful if they find stuff like that out after they completed their films.

Soldierone4218d ago

Sometimes its good to just use these for ideas to make a film. You shouldnt need a competition or any reward to just make a film. Like Clint Eastwood said, young inspiring film makers should be able to churn out a full fledged 10 minute film a week.

blur994220d ago

I'll leave film making to the pros.
Nowadays everybody has a digital video camera it seems. Maybe we'll see a gem made by someone really talented.

Soldierone4220d ago

There is alot of young talent floating around, alot of people that focus on stories and creating an experience. Sadly the only ones that get out there are the ones that like to do visually cool things and act pro with a camera kept up with a ton of dialogue, its boring and no fun to watch.