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AFM News: “Silent Hill” Sequel Ready to Scream

Fangoria: "Fango’s Tony Timpone just reported in from the American Film Market with news that the long-mooted new SILENT HILL feature is finally ready to go. And no surprise, it’s going to be hitting screens with an extra dimension."

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darklordzor4531d ago

Hmmm, I'm interested. I remember that the writer for this got sentence to 2 years in jail, and that put a hold on things, but I guess they pulled it together. I didn't hate the first film, but saw a lot of missed opportunities. Hopefully a second film can fix those issues and make it a great video game adaptation.

gaden_malak4531d ago

He was just released from jail.

Silent was a decent movie, not great but good enough for me considering my expectations of games-to-film adaptions

blur994531d ago

I agree.
When I hear about a game being made into a film I always expect the worst. Prince of Persia was good however.

darklordzor4530d ago

Agreed. PoP wasn't a perfect film, but it was incredibly fun to watch. Nothing deep, just enjoyable.

-Mezzo-4531d ago

Every time they announce a Movie based on a Video Game, i get my hope high for it, Years before the Hitman movie was released i used to believe that Hitman movie would be the best Video game Movie ever (when it Come Out), & then it came out.

It sucked so bad, i still can't stop cursing at the whole team.

The only Movie i liked were Max Payne, Silent Hill & Scott Pilgrim.

-Mezzo-4531d ago

For the last 6 months, i have been waiting for an update on this Movie, I enjoyed the first one, it was a good movie, if not the best, i hope they don't mess this one up & stay true to the Game story.

But why does the (Tag) attached to this story says Silent Hill 3, isn't this the second Movie, or did i miss something.