Anti-Piracy Tool For Cinemas Will Recognize Emotions

Torrent Freak:"For most people going to a cinema is a good night out. Only a few realize that they are often subjecting themselves to extreme and privacy invading security measures that most airports could only dream of. Filmgoers are already being carefully watched for suspicious behavior by Big Brother’s cameras, but soon this technology will be upgraded with sophisticated emotion recognition software.

In order for their technologies to further benefit the movie industry, Aralia Systems has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Machine Vision Lab of the University of the West of England (UWE). The grant is good for more than £215,000, and will be used to build new capabilities into existing piracy tracking instruments."

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blur994213d ago

I don't have much of problem with their new technology to prevent privacy.
As long as they don't use the new full body x-rays that are in some airports.
And if they isn't much of a delay to get seated.

-Mezzo-4212d ago

I think they this is a good ides & i'm sure people will not have any problems with it.