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Player Affinity: Weeds - Viking Pride Review

Player Affinity writes: "Last night’s Weeds was more of the same from last week, as the Botwin clan stuck around in Dearborn and followed up on the hanging plot threads. A bit disappointing after I had come to mostly enjoy the road trip feel of the season, and the story didn’t exactly charge ahead to compensate. Nancy still needs passports for her family, so she asks the Arab she’s been selling the new drink to, Hooman, if he has any connections (why didn’t they try this in the first place?."

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blur994216d ago

I saw clips of this on TV guide Channel.
I gotta say the idea of a drug dealer suburban mom is unique.

Might check it out sometime.

JL4216d ago

The series was awesome in the beginning. It seemed to lose a little bit of its appeal around season 4 or 5 I think. Those first few seasons are great though. I'd still recommend the show.

blur994215d ago

It seems like these HBO/Showtime series' take risks.
Like the Sopranos for example. I don't think shows like that would get a chance on tv.

-Mezzo-4214d ago

IT a good show, i haven't watched much of it, but what i have watched makes it really easy for me to recommend, But it could have been much better.