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Ratings Outlook for the Fall 2010 TV Season

Player Affinity writes: "The 2010 TV season is in full swing, and being several weeks in seems like a good time to look at some of our favorite shows to give an outlook of their future. We will go network by network and come up with the odds of shows returning. We are mostly sticking to shows that we actually care about, because let’s be honest, does anyone reading this actually mind if Grey’s Anatomy comes back for another season? Very few shows have been given a direct answer as to their future, but we can infer the probability from ratings along with rumors."

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blur994216d ago

I'm going to miss Smallville. It had a long run though.
I liked the earlier seasons more.
Entourage is great but I don't have HBO.

-Mezzo-4216d ago

A lot of my friends are also sad that Smallville is coming to an end, i personally have never watched a full episode of Entourage or Smallville. Just Never Got Into It.