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Usually when seeing a horror movie, people see it, get anxious at parts, leave the theater and just go on with life. Our authors experience seeing paranormal activity 2... was a totally different. Paranormal Activity 2 uses many tricks to help scare its victims (the viewers). This is accomplished by using hand held cameras, small time actors, and other scare tactics that help create the idea of "this stuff is real".

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-Mezzo-4219d ago

Great Score, this sequel was announced very quickly( 2/3 months into the release of the first 1), which is why i believed it would suck, but so far i have not read a single bad review about the Movie.

Kiri4218d ago

Ya. but PA2 deserves this score imo.
I myself am not a big fan of horror movies, but after my friends forced me to watch PA2 with them, I couldn't forget how awesome it was.

Soldierone4218d ago

By far they stepped it up. I think they knew what they wanted to do with the first one, just were un-able to do it. This one proves it, its so much better. The build ups and everything were way better. The story lead perfectly into the first one etc...

Honestly cant wait to see the third.

Kiri4218d ago

Even though I liked PA2, I personally wouldn't ask for a third. Horror films are still horror films, and their plots are usually overused to a point where it seems pedestrian...

Soldierone4218d ago

Thats the genious I found behind this one. They know how to follow a differnt path like any creative horror film expert would. The prequal wasn't what you expected and the ending of it opened up a door that lead to 10 other doors they could explore.

Its not your standard horror franchise and each film has its own personality. Thats what is so great about it.

-Mezzo-4218d ago

Agreed, can't wait to see it myself, but it still not playing anywhere near me. Which Sucks.

JL4218d ago

I've loved both of the PA movies. Each had its areas that were better than the other, but both were very good I think.

That being said, I wouldn't want a third one either. I think they wrapped it up pretty well. Doing a third would just seem like forcing it, trying to cash in on the name again.

However, I would love to see the creators do another horror movie.

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blur994218d ago

I'd have to watch this movie in the morning. If I watch at night I'll have trouble sleeping.

gaden_malak4218d ago

My girlfriend and I watched Paranormal Activity on Blu-Ray in our double story house with no one home and at night. Everything dark. It was freaky and now I just expect the stairs to start pounding when I am up at night.

Soldierone4216d ago

LMAO after the first one my GF and I were just laughing at how stupid their attempts were.

After the second one, neither of us could sleep for a few days haha.

-Mezzo-4218d ago

Cool, you've seen it, i was awaiting to hear some users opinion on the Movie & it sounds like you enjoyed it.

Will go see it on Sunday.