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"Mr. Belding" Gets His Own Web Series

Couch Potato Club:
Hollywood production company Deviate Pictures today announced the launch of their newest web series, “Neighborhood Watch,” which stars sitcom legend Dennis Haskins. Haskins, most famous for his eleven-year tenure as Bayside’s Principal Belding on “Saved by the Bell,” makes his first ever return to on-screen principal-ing since the popular show. Haskins’ last web series, Acting School Academy, received over one-million views online.

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blur994223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Saved By the Bell brings back so many memories.
Seeing "Mr.Belding" acting is great but where are Zack,Kelly , and the other stars.
I can't forget the cell phone Zack carried around.

JL4223d ago

Zack: He did movies for a while (still enjoy Dead Man on Campus), mainly he's only done appearances on TV shows (saw him on an episode of Weeds), and some TV movies.

Kelly: She's done several movies and TV movies as well. Right now she's on the White Collar show.

Slater: Again, more TV series appearances and made-for-TV movies. Had a recurring role on Nip/Tuck there for a while.

Screech: Few "B-Films" here and there.

Jessie: She's made some appearances on TV shows as well and some b-movies. She was in the Donnie Darko sequel.

Lisa: Same as the others really. Less so I think though. Last I remember seeing her in was How High.

They've all also done several voice appearances on Robot Chicken.

blur994222d ago

Seems you liked the show too.

Mark-Paul Gosselar (hope I got that right) had a big role on a cable show(I think) recently. I can't recall the name.

Tiffany Amber-Thiessen was on "90210".