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SPL!NG Movie Review: The Social Network

Everyone can't help but 'Like' The Social Network... Political drama unfolds behind-the-scenes as Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, becomes embroiled in a legal battle over intellectual property and a multi-billion dollar empire. Excellent film-making, great story-telling, a dense script and fine performances from a new wave of Hollywood starlets almost override the need for true human connectedness.

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spling4224d ago

Do you think this film will encourage more people to join Facebook if they haven't already? I remember watching 'Once' and thinking it was a fantastic way to advertise the lead character's music album.

-Mezzo-4224d ago

I really didn't enjoyed this move, i just watched it yesterday. I was hoping that they would shed some light on the Facebook and CIA connection but they didn't.

Soldierone4223d ago

It wasn't really about Facebook, more so about business matters and how a young kid can go one and create something massive. Facebook was nothing more than a marketing tool for this movie.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Just watched it & i agree with you that Facebook was a marketing tool, i wasn't what i thought it was.

spling4223d ago

I felt like they were trying to portray Zuckerberg in a much softer light... make him look like the victim of circumstances.