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Problems Like This Aren't Doing Blu-ray Any Favors

Josh Zyber writes:
"Just last week I watched the new BD-Live enabled edition of ‘Predators’ on Blu-ray. Or rather, I tried to watch it. Unfortunately, the BD-Live features caused playback problems on two out of my three Blu-ray players. This sort of thing has got to stop."

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Soldierone4223d ago

Ive never had any issues like this at all with any of my Blu rays. I have a couple PS3's in my house, my dad and some other family members own standard Blu-ray players, one of them isn't even wifi compatible. None of them have had issues like this. So its not wide spread, if its an issue at all.

Kiri4223d ago

I don't think holding your own household as the representation of the sample population is a good idea. I don't want to comment on the rarity of this issue, but it's happening to me when I try to get on Gundam UC's BD-Live.

Soldierone4223d ago

Its not my household, Im just saying if it was a major issue with new movies we would know. Simply because this would be all over major sites, people would be complaining, and sales would be hurting. None of that is happening.

So its a smaller issue cause by something specific within this user base. I hate copy protection crap too, but still.

Kiri4223d ago

a problem that isn't widespread doesn't mean it isn't a problem! In fact, I have contacted Sony numerous times, yet I still haven't received any constructive results.

-Mezzo-4223d ago

I have been using Blu-Ray on my PS3 from the Day it was released *I Bought A PS3 On Launch*, since then i have almost watched +150 Blu-Rays on my PS3 and played over 80 Games & i have never had any kind of problem with it, non what so ever.

Soldierone4223d ago

Yeah, I could say the same till lately lol. AZ gets hot and my air condition hasnt been doing too well, making my room extremely hot. So the PS3 has been heating and cooling too much. Thus its on its way out lol Kinda sucks. The ones after launch just are not the same.

-Mezzo-4220d ago

Agreed, the models after the launch ones aren't the same, according to me the 60GIG Launch Model was/is the best of them all.

blur994223d ago

One of the most important issues for consumer tech is ease of use.
Companies should know by that making hard for consumers to get there machines to work properly is a quick way to make consumers turn away from purchasing their goods.
Thank goodness DVD players involve just loading and playing and watching.

Cogan14223d ago

Did he seriously just say "This is where it pays to have a lot of redundant hardware in my home theater." after using the PS3 to play it. The only thing he had that was capable of playing it. The only blu-ray player on the planet to go from 2D-3D through a firmware update, and he calls that redundant hardware. What a spa, i lost all care when i read that.

blur994222d ago

I think he means that it was useful to have the PS3 and other Blue-ray players that could duplicate the purpose of his primary Blue-ray player.
Not that the PS3 was a collecting dust waiting to be used for something.