On Screen Review: The American

George Clooney stars as Jack, an assassin pushed to the brink of retirement. When a hit turns sour in the snow covered forests of Sweden, Jack flees to the Italian countryside and what he hopes' will be his final assignment.

But, with a lifetime of mistrust brewing in his mind and a burning desire to live a normal life he'll find it difficult to distance himself from love and friendship.

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OnScreen2959d ago

Any idea where in Italy this film is set?

-Mezzo-2959d ago

Still haven't seen this Movie but it looks/sounds like a 007 rip-off or The America 007.

Might just rent it later next week.

OnScreen2958d ago

Yeah, it could well be. There are very strong 007 references in the film. For instance, he uses the same hand gun.

blur992957d ago

I don't think its a James Bond clone.
The character seems to be about to be ending his assassin profession.
And Bond is a secret agent for a country.

-Mezzo-2956d ago

I could be completely wrong as i haven't seen the movie yet, but from the trailers and Stills that i have seen certainly give the 007 vibe.