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Charlie Sheen For Expendables 2?

CB: It’s been a rough couple weeks for Charlie Sheen, what with the hotel room fiasco and the divorce papers he was just hit with, but no matter how many thorns you run into, there’s always a rose waiting underneath. Rumor has it Charlie Sheen may well be cast in Sly Stallone’s upcoming Expendables sequel. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. That movie’s all about balls-to-the-wall alpha male behavior and drunkenly destroying a hotel room with a hot chick half your age. Charlie Sheen certainly qualifies.

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-Mezzo-3978d ago

i hope this is true, as this could give that carrier rebuild Boost Sheen has been looking for.

darklordzor3978d ago

Awesome....That's all I really have to say. I think he'd do a great job in it, and it'd be nice to see him back in a movie.

vhero3978d ago

Agreed but I prefer him as a comedy actor rather than an action actor.

-Mezzo-3974d ago

According to the Rumor, he will be playing a comdey role to some extinct.

blur993977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

After he gets help for his problems then this would be a good return to the big screen.
I think he has skills to do both. One of his biggest films was Platoon. An action war movie.