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The Walking Dead: Days Gone By (TV) - Popzara Review

AMC's epic zombie apocalypse drama is one of the year's best television events, and one of the bravest experiments in the medium's history. Full review of premier episode 'Days Gone By' by Nathan Evans.

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Soldierone4213d ago

I watched it, I dont think it deserves a perfect. The quality of it was pretty good, but not the best. Ive seen better, especially from cable television. I have it recorded so im gonna give it another chance this week, but I doubt that helps any. It will probably just make me hate it more.

-Mezzo-4209d ago

I watched an Episode in My Office, it was great i really enjoyed it, but Perfect it is not.

popzara_press4204d ago

I don't think the review said it was perfect, except the way the zombies themselves were portrayed: their "'walking' gait is comfortably somewhere between Romero's lumbering and Zach Snyder's fast-paced updates; it's perfect."