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Batman Rumor: Love Interests for Bruce and Gordon?

CBM: Charlize Theron, who is a client, has been approached to play a Detective Named Sarah Essen--a love interest for Jim Gordon. Actresses Kacie Thomas and Vera Farmiga have auditioned for the character role of Julie Madison. A love interest for Bruce Wayne.

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gaden_malak4216d ago

I hope not for both. Plus Jim Gordon is married?

hazelamy4216d ago

as he was in the comic when he had an affair with essen, his wife was pregnant with his first child at the time too if i recall.

gaden_malak4215d ago

I suppose after the 2-face thing things between Gordon and wife could be rocky.

Soldierone4216d ago

Isn't their a love interest for Batman anyways? What does the picture have to do with this btw haha.

hazelamy4216d ago

well there wont be a picture of theron as sarah essen so they used another picture.

it's a lot more relevant than some of the pictures they use for articles on n4g.

Soldierone4216d ago

Well Batman has like a bazillion comics, Im sure you could find at least one love interest in there. They could of used Catwoman or even the new Game Informer cover lol. Your right its alot better than some of the N4G stuff though.

-Mezzo-4215d ago

Jim Gordon. isn't the guy married already, or are they killing his Family in the next Part, either way i only hope that they don't focus on the Love thing too much.

Just keep it to the Minimum.

blur994214d ago

Julie Madison is actually one of the earlier characters in the Batman comic.
I'm surprised they would use her.

-Mezzo-4211d ago

I just hope they don't go Twilight on it.