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Ghostbusters 3 Set To Start Filming In May 2011?

CB: There’s been almost no real movement on the eagerly anticipated, long-gestating Ghostbusters 3 for months. Because of that there’s been no reason to believe the movie, despite the best intentions of people like Ivan Reitman and Dan Akyroyd, will ever happen at all let alone any time soon.

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darklordzor4218d ago

Please let this happen! I was so happy to see Murray dressed up in his uniform at the Scream awards. This would just be so cool

-Mezzo-4218d ago

I really want this to be good, i hope they don't mess this up too.

blur994217d ago

Ghostbusters was one of the best films.
Clever writing and dialogue and great acting jumped off the screen.
Ghostbusters 2 wasn't so good.
Let's hope Ghostbusters 3 pulls off greatness.