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'Roger Rabbit' Sequel Update: Script Is Coming Along Slowly But Awesomely, Says Robert Zemeckis

MTV: Back in April of 2009, director Robert Zemeckis broke the exclusive news to MTV that he was planning a sequel to his 1988 live-action/animation hybrid hit "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," about a cartoon-hating detective (working on the script for a sequel, and Zemeckis would employ performance-capture technology and 3-D in filming it. Needless to say, our eyes were popping out of our head, cartoon bunny-style.

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Soldierone4219d ago

Wow didn't even know Hollywood acknowledged this at all. I don't know if it will have the same feel as the first one since visuals have stepped up and being in a cartoon world isn't exactly amazing anymore.

JL4219d ago

Granted the idea (live-action/animation hybrid), I still rather enjoyed the movie when I was younger. A sequel could be cool. I hope they include another short with it too. That was one of my favorite parts about the first.

In fact, shorts need to be brought back and done more often these days.

-Mezzo-4218d ago

I haven't seen the first one, plus i never thought that this Movie was so well received back then.

blur994216d ago

I really hope they bring back Jessica Rabbit. Lol.