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Looking To Go 3D? Better Go Plasma

Couch Potato Club:
In its first-ever ranking of 3D performance, Consumer Reports evaluated 14 3D TV models and found that plasma TVs are better at displaying 3D images than LCD sets, primarily because they exhibit less ghosting, or double images that appear even when wearing 3D glasses. Three plasma models from Panasonic exhibited the best 3D picture quality and the least ghosting of all the sets tested.

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Soldierone4221d ago

Thats brand new. Plasma's always look brilliant and have great specs brand new. Give em a year and when the fade, burn, and specs decrease from wear and tear it will no longer have that edge.

Stick with LCD or LED TV's better quality. Until they can make Plasma last longer, there is no point in buying them.

JL4221d ago

Plasmas last just as long as LCDs these days. That whole "they don't last as long" thing was way back at the beginning of the technology. Today they all last around the same amount of time. It's just a myth anymore these days. Much like how LCD has gotten rid of that whole viewing angle inferiority for the most part.

Soldierone4220d ago

Well I just say it cus I know like 4 people that bought plasmas not even a year ago and they already look bad especially compqred to mine. I thiink samsung LCD is the best and their LED line up is even better.

JL4220d ago

Really? Well that hardly seems right. They buy some sort of off-brand? Or keep the TV on torch mode? I have a Samsung plasma (for like 4 years now) and it still looks as good as the first day I bought it.

Soldierone4219d ago

Samsung is pretty amazing, but the thing is Im a big Samsung fan but I never get to see their Plasma's cus no one buys them. Im an LCD LED person, so I own two Samsung LCD TV's myself and they look gorgeous.

My friends have I think its Toshiba? Ones a Sony I believe and the other is the other brand that starts with the S, just slipped my mind sorry. They all got really dim. The Toshiba one even has a burn in from the PS3 that really bad. The others you can adjust the settings to bring the color out a little better, but its like the settings slowly re adjust themselves, and red started really bleeding out.

Im sure Plasma has stepped up and Ill admit I havent seen a brand spanking new series in action under the same conditions so my opinion is a little biased. Like I said I havent seen a Samsung in action like this, and I dont think the Sony one is a Bravia (or atl east newer gen Bravia)

JL4219d ago

First, Toshiba isn't very reliable. One of the more faulty ones I think.

For the others, if one of them is a Sony plasma then it has to be seriously old. Sony quit making plasma TVs like 6 years ago or more. So there is absolutely no way anybody you know bought a Sony Plasma tv not even a year ago. If they did it had to be some second-hand old tv that somebody else had already used. Come to think of it, Toshiba quit making plasma TVs too. Oh, and Bravia was never a plasma line.

The other S brand? Sanyo? Another not so great brand. Screen problems were very common with some Sanyo models. Sharp? Doesn't make plasma.

Plain and simple, these days, Plasma delivers a better picture over LCD. LCD is closing ground but still plasma is outpeforming LCD consistently in the picture department (black levels, contrast, color accuracy, response time/refresh rate, etc). Even viewing angle, LCD hasn't fully caught up yet. Plasma is even cheaper when getting into big screens (which is all plasma does). And technically, to an extent, plasmas perform better over time, not even hitting their peak performance until you're well past the break-in phase.

As for burn-in. That's just being careless. Plasmas made these days have so many built-in features (and the technology has been improved) that burn-in only occurs from careless use. And if you can make it past like the first 200-250 hours of viewing without causing any burn-in, then the coast is clear. When my TV was new several years ago, I'd never dream of leaving a still image on there long. If I paused a movie, I'd turn the screen protector on. Gaming was never even a problem, I'd just make sure to turn the screen protector/clean wipe on for a few seconds every hour or so (and this was only with games that had a hud or something that was ALWAYS on the screen). Now that I have so many hours on my TV though and it's been broken in, I've sat and left a game paused on screen for like an hour and not even the faintest sign of burn-in.

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-Mezzo-4219d ago

I have been using a Plasma for about 2 years now & i have never had any problems, yes the Older model were Faulty but over the year all of those problems have been Addressed.

blur994218d ago

"Those who wait will have more models to choose from, possibly at lower prices, and more 3D content to watch."

Totally agree with that. I'll wait to see what happens with 3D.
Not everyone even has HD sets yet too.

-Mezzo-4214d ago

Wait is exactly what, you & everyone should do when thinking about a 3DTV, as it is almost confirmed that 2015 will bring along Glassless 3DTV's.