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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Logo Revealed, Title Confusion Eliminated

At last the logo for the third Transformers film has been released, and it clears up any lingering confusion some may have had about the title.

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-Mezzo-4350d ago

I really want this movie to be good, the last one was such a disappointment. The name for this one should have been something else.

blur994349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

I am a huge Transformers fan.
I think turning it into a live action film kinda doesn't fit for Transformers.
They should have just kept it animated. But if they keep doing well at the box office then they will continue to make films.

-Mezzo-4345d ago

Agreed, but with the first Movie, the decision of bring it to the big screen felt so right, but after the second one, wel we all know how we felt.