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Saw 3D Review from Player Affinity

As a necessary conclusion Saw 3D hits the mark. It summarily wraps up loose ends Saw fans care about. But the writers could have been more creative in its use of past characters including Jigsaw himself, John Kramer. Along the same lines there was too much coldblooded killing which doesn’t fit with Saw lore and Jigsaw’s purpose. This sort of gaff is sloppy and indicative of a rush to put greater emphasis on traps than story. Altogether the film is satisfying and cringe inducing in quality 3D. Saw fans will love it; anyone else dragged along will have their eyes closed.

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Soldierone4349d ago

An alright review but I'm still waiting till it comes to blu ray.

ryesher14349d ago

Never cared for the Saw films, first was good but it has run its course now.