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Spike TV Looking to Attract Older Guys With New Titles

Couch Potato Club:
pike TV presents a new slate of scripted original pilots aimed at expanding and broadening the network’s male audience. The crop of new shows includes six comedies, many of which revolve around the crazy antics of dysfunctional co-workers and families and a one-hour drama focusing on domestic terrorism.

The projects announced today by Spike are from some of the most creative minds in Hollywood including Beth McCarthy Miller, Thom Beers, and Walt Becker.

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Soldierone4222d ago

I saw this on another site a couple days ago, and I dont like the idea at all. I mean Spike has always been that channel I turned to for quircky shows. Granted they never make anything of quality and its always stupid WWE and what not, but still. This isn't going to help that at all, all they are doing is mimmicking the other big channels.

JL4222d ago

Excuse me. I still watch WWE so please refrain from bashing my shows lol (really I do watch it though). Plus it's TNA on Spike, not WWE.

That's all I've ever watched Spike for though really. Wrestling/UFC type stuff. I've watched Pros vs Joes a few times before. But it's always been sport-ish things like that. I did watch that new Blue Mountain State recently (an episode of it), it was moderately funny. Nothing that inclined me to set up a recording for the show or anything or even check to see what time the show actually comes on.

Soldierone4221d ago

I like blue mountain state its pretty funny. Some newer episodes suck but that's what I'm saying about low quality. And I never got into wrestling but ill admit I watch all the ufc shows all the time.

firefoxprime4220d ago

1. I would "never" be proud to watch those lame ass wrestling shows.

2. Please to lump UFC to WWE. UFC has skilled fighters duking it out. Serious business. WWE? pfff...muscle bound scrpited actors. And yeah. I was a WWF fan, from (1997-2002) age 7-12. Watered down stuff. Attitude era ftw.

-Mezzo-4219d ago

I used to enjoy WWE back in the days when it was WWF, but then i just lost interest in it. i don't know why.

blur994218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

The thing I watched Spike for were some action movies. Often they would have great ones showing.
I hope it doesn't try to be broad and lose focus of its current audience.
Or worse just show reality shows.