How Halloween 2010 Fails To Raise A Scream At The Movies

DOG: This Halloween’s seen no shortage of horror movies, but where’s the originality? Here’s Matthew's take on why this year’s offerings have failed to raise a scream.

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Kiri4217d ago

One problem about these "new" horror movies is definitely the exhaustion of ideas... There are only so many ways you can get someone frightened. And once that's used over and over again, you don't get scared anymore.

Soldierone4217d ago

Its not the issue at all. Its hollywood failing at bringing in new talent with new ideas. If theybwere not so closed off from the world there would be plenty of ideas to scare people....

Soldierone4217d ago

To be honest 2010 didn't fail as hard. At least paranormal activity was good there hasn't been a good horror movie in years.