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10 Oddball Movie Cameos

Daily Like Me: The cameo is a time-honored movie tradition. Sometimes, unexpected guest stars are used as a punchline (Anchorman), other times they’re used to show that a maligned star has a sense of humor (Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder). And sometimes, they’re just…strange. Like these ten examples. Check ‘em out.

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-Mezzo-4354d ago

I just watch HOT FUZZ again on Tuesday, and i never realized that Peter Jackson was the Santa. LOL

Movie is highly Recommended.

darklordzor4353d ago

Great movie, actually caught it yesterday on TV. Not nearly as great with the censorship, but still awesome. Never would have guessed a Peter Jackson cameo though.

Soldierone4353d ago

Watch the actual version, I didnt like the TV edit. Also if you havent already, Shaun of the Dead is a great movie in a film makers eyes.

darklordzor4353d ago

Wow, I didn't recognize any of those. That's a good one with George Lucas since he rarely ever gets in front of the camera for stuff like that. Very nice!

I'm shocked that Billy Bob Thornton wasn't on this list for his Tombstone cameo.

Soldierone4353d ago

To be honest The only real shockers Ive seen when watching movies was finding out Bradd Pitt was the stoner in True Romance, and Cruise in Tropic Thunder lol.

Kiri4352d ago

imo... Stan Lee in all Marvel movies should be on the list

-Mezzo-4350d ago

Well, it wouldn't be that Oddball would it. lol