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10 Extremely Underrated Horror Movie Slashers

Topless Robot: What makes a great movie slasher? Michael Myers prefers the strong silent-type role and a knife, while Freddy Krueger likes to crack wise and a bladed glove (which is technically a set of knives, but whatever). All slashers have to have a penchant for killing, scaring the shit out of viewers and a hatred of all things immoral -- except murder, of course. When Myers appeared on the scene in 1979's Halloween by John Carpenter, a slew of followers, imitators and innovators soon followed and still do to this day.

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Soldierone4349d ago

To be honeset I don't know if these are under rated or just indie style films that dont need to be higher rated. Slasher is an easy win, so if you can't compete with bigger movies you probably failed at the attempt. I could list several "under rated" slasher films better than these.

blur994345d ago

I have not seen any of these films. So they really have to under valued.
Some the titles sound flimsy. That can hurt a film.