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15 Films That Inspired Real Life Crimes

Brainz: The issue of copycat crime is a fascinating one that raises deep questions in the fields of psychology, philosophy, criminology and jurisprudence. Are filmmakers – if not legally, at least morally – responsible for their creations that motivate people to commit crime? Would these people act in such a manner but for the movie? Should restrictions be placed on certain people from being exposed to these sort of films, given that the vast majority of people are unaffected? But the most pertinent question it raises is: is this the only known example of fanboyism more disturbing than a cheddar-smelling, Doritos-munching, hairy-backed, sweat-stained, neck-bearded, pannus-dripping 40 year-old man in a Princess Leia costume?

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Kiri4219d ago

However inspiring these movies maybe... it must be stupid for any criminals to try them out...

Soldierone4219d ago

Wouldn't just plain being a criminal qualify as being stupid?

Soldierone4219d ago

The idea of a movie inspiring a crime is just as stupid as video games making people violent....