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"The Social Network" Review | TechPerSpec

Techperspec reviews "The Social Network". Contributor Graham writes about his reactions to this movie.
The trailers for it do the movie no justice. Thinking it was going to be boring walking into the theater based on the trailers, Graham sat down getting ready to fall asleep, but it actually had him at the edge of the seat.

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Kiri4349d ago

Isn't this review kinda late after most people has already finished watching it? I do like what the reviewer says though

Soldierone4349d ago

Reviews a review I've yet to see it so I still read em. They usuelly get posted here late though.

Kiri4349d ago

Of course there are always late watchers... But I still think reviews should be done within a few days of premiere

Soldierone4349d ago

Not every site is capable of doing so especially indipendant ones.