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Universal Announces Release Dates for 'The Bourne Legacy,' 'Safe House'

HollywoodReporter:"Univer sal has planted flags for its movies, revealing what movies the studio hoped to be in production on in the next two years.

Among the movies, already in various stages of development, are a Hasbro board game Ouija, Keanu Reeves' samurai movie 47 Ronin, and the adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower."

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darklordzor4354d ago

Dark Tower! Yes! I didn't know that had actually been confirmed as in the works. I knew there were rumors about it a few months back, but never heard it was real. Thank goodness. If ever there was a book series that needed to be on the big screen, it's Dark Tower!

Soldierone4353d ago

Keanu Reeves is still attempting to make big movies? haha

Kiri4352d ago

I'm happy that so long after Ultimatum, they finally decided to announce Legacy... the premiere of Identity still feels like yesterday though