Drunk on Judgement - Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Drunk on Judgement: The original Paranormal Activity felt fresh, and audience reaction was almost as entertaining as the film itself. Documentary style horror films are nothing new of course. Blair Witch started the trend, and films such as Quarantine and Cloverfield have helped evolve the genre. Still, many movie goers typically love or hate these types of movies. Although the original Paranormal Activity was a gem and personal favorite of mine, Paranormal Activity 2 seems to have lost the spark of the original.

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darklordzor4226d ago

Ooh...This is by far the worst review I've seen for this film. Odd, just about everything else I've been hearing has been nothing but positive things.

Soldierone4226d ago

Yeah and he lost all credit when he says "original was a gem" no the original made me not want to see the second one at all. the second one made me become a fan. The third one will prbably be even better.

darklordzor4226d ago

I think they were both good in their own ways. The first one did a lot of things I like and the second expanded upon those concepts. This seems more a case of someone who expected something entirely different, or wanted something else out of it.